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Your Health, Our Challenge!​

Your advantages

  • we have 30 years of experience
  • we advise in spanish or english
  • wide variety of products with high availability
  • fast and safe shipping

Talk with us!

If you require more information, we will gladly advise you by email or by phone – of course in English.

A brief history

Around 30 years ago, our father, Gottfried Esser, received a request from Spanish relatives to send a medicine to treat a disease, for which there was no remedy available on the Spanish market. At that time, the attending physician was so fascinated with the results that he suggested that we place other orders for his patients. Little by little, greater ties with Spain began to develop, far beyond what we already had as a family that has grown in both cultures.

Today we are Gottfried’s children, who continue and develop his services. We are no longer just a family pharmacy, but also a postage pharmacy, initially with customers in Spain and Latin America, but now all over the world.

Dear Customer

We guarantee an efficient shipping service

We have decided to work with UPS, the company that guarantees a better quality service: fast, with insurance and tracking of the shipment through the Internet.

Family Pharmacy

In our years as a family pharmacy, we have seen how our clients have maintained or recovered their health, making use of homeopathic and or natural medicines.

Agile Service

Our goal is to facilitate access to all medicines produced in Germany that allow you to stay healthy or accompanying your medical treatment.